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42inch wall-mounted high definition LCD query machine


  • 42inch wall-mounted high definition LCD query machine
Product description
Product overview

1、 TV function: ALL-FHD system high definition project , up to 1920*1080, 32 bit vivid HD display

2、PC function: access internet out of 5、10、20、30 meters, can use wireless mouse and keyboard

3、Touch function: equip advanced infrared touch screen, rapid response without delay, control all application through screen, touch screen by anything like finger、pen etc, easily implement handwriting, drawing, note, more stability and reliability
4、。Karaoke function: song-selecting function, convenient to entertained guests

5、Video game function: can play all the video game through touch screen, support game handle, steering wheel,jointed arm, dancing blanket insert.

6、Conference function: as a tool for conference speech, scheme explanation, long distance video meeting,  USB plug and play without curtain, projector DVD etc redundant equipment.

7、Whiteboard function: anyone can flexibly write , draw and delete, easy to memory and record, green energy.

8、Projector function: Large screen can substitute for projector, more definition

9、Shopping guide function: guide and display, facilitate the guests find the needed products, plus advertise to guests  

10、Query function: the operators can edited and input all kinds of electronic files and info, the guests can find the needed info from this easily, reduce operating cost

11、Video monitor function: security monitor, flexibly take any record of any field, convenient to analyse the data.

12、Picture in picture function: watch TV while play game, surf on line while karaoke etc.

Technical Parameters
Basic configuration i3  i5 i7
CPU Corei3 3110m(2.4G) Corei5 3350m(2.8G) Corei7 3560m(3.1G)
Board  HM65 HM65 HM65
RAM 2G/4G DDR3(option) 2G/4G DDR3(option) 2G/4G DDR3(option)
Hard disc 128GSSD 128GSSD 128GSSD
Network card Internal Internal Internal
GPU Integrated Integrated Integrated
Audio  Dual Track Stereo  Dual Track Stereo  Dual Track Stereo
System Win7/Win8(option) Win7/Win8(option) Win7/Win8(option)
Touch screen 2/4/6 point(option) 2/4/6point(option) 2/4/6point(option)

Consulting Service
Users in the course of any problems encountered, can call the free consultation Tel: 0755-21042483 Advisory
Replacement Service
Replacement period of the product, if there is indeed due to factory quality problems caused by the reasons, the user can go to the dealer free of charge.
Warranty Service
Warranty period of the product, if a quality problem, can go to the local after-sales service center to enjoy the warranty service.
Maintenance Service
Maintenance period of the product, if a quality problem, the user can go to the local after-sales service center or commissioned by the dealer for repair services.