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outdoor stand-floor horizontal screen advertising machine

65inch KAWDEN stand-floor air-cooled kiosesk


  • 65inch KAWDEN stand-floor air-cooled kiosesk
Product description

Technology introduction

1.Outdoor water-proof   dust-proof


Ø The level of protection reach IP65(air condition type), water-proof, dust-proof design,  stand-floor, pre-embeded or customized installation mode( air-cooled type IP55)

Ø Adopt high transmition anti-glare AR laminated glasses, improve the visuality, AR anti-galre technology can get more vivid images under sunshine.

Ø Galvanized steel plain sheet metal shell plus the rust-proof power,  rust proof age is beyond 7 years

2.High brightness, vivid display under sunshine


Ø  High brightness LCD screen, brightness up to 1500-3000cd/m2

Ø  LED backlight, lamp life up to 100000 hours

Ø  High dynamic contrast ratio, get more clear images

Ø  Intelligent temperature cotrol air-cooled design, 7*24 hours work time without any brightness decay.


Ø  Stand-floor installation, unique double door desigan, easy maintenance

Ø  Outdoor water-proof , dust-proof design

Ø High brightness LCD screen, anti-glare design, display the vivid image even if under sunshine.

Ø  Professional temperature control tech, no Screen melanism under sunshine.

Ø  Adopt international famous fan, more stability and green silence

Air conditioner type:

Ø  Intelligent cooling & heating integrated air conditioner, keep constant temperature interal machine, LCD brightness will not decay for long time working 

Ø high-performance integrated air conditioner with green cooling medium, more energy conservation and envinomental protection

Ø Intelligent monitor system, control machine's internal running situation(temperature, humidity, vibration)

Ø Provide customized multi info release system for the clients' industry application

Technical Parameters
stand-floor horizontal screen type model TY-AC65WL
High brightness screen screen size 65inch 
resoluton ratio 1920*1080
brightness 2500cd/㎡
dislay screen 1428*803mm
vision angle 178°/178°
brightness control automatic sensitization
Machine parameter outer demension 2000*1605mm
power voltage AC 208-240V/50Hz
cooling system intelligent air-cooled 
power consumption ≤1000W
work temperature -30℃-50℃
work humidity 5%-100%RH
water-proof level IP65
weight 185Kg
shell anti-corrosion Galvanized steel plain sheet metal shell plus the rust-proof power,  rust proof age is beyond 7 years
optional configuration play system PC board  androids board  long distant info release system
network transmission standalone WIFI 3G 4G
touch screen  capacitance touch  infrared touch

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